Born and raised in Togo, West Africa, Kossi Kunakey moved to Britain in 1990. He holds a Master's Degree in Photographic Studies from University of Westminster and another master's in Contemporary French Studies, option Francophone Cinema from Roehampton Institute London.


He has taught Photography in London from 1999 to 2021. Drawing from his own experience in his Togolese community in Europe, Kunakey’s critical visual explorations of displaced social groups is often reflected in his work and projects in Europe and Africa.


Since retiring from teaching in UK, Kunakey now spends his time between London and Lomé where he provides lectures at the ISLA Institute in Lomé.


Kunakey also provides a wide range of photographic services and products including private trainings courses, architectural, products, headshots, events and fashion shoots. He designs for advertising publications.


Most of Kunakey’s work is held in private collections.


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